The secret to maximizing selling price is the process.

We all know that you get what you pay for. But what almost no one understands about using real estate agents when selling your home is that the concept of paying commissions was invented 150 years ago and just like in other industries, should only exist in luxury segments in 2019. We’re going to show you that it’s not paying thousands of dollars in agent commissions that helps you maximize the selling price of your property, it’s actually knowing and executing the home selling process correctly

And that can happen even if you can’t stop thinking that real estate agents deserve the ridiculous commission fees, as long as you’re also open to learning how we can provide better quality service for a fraction of traditional fees

What should you expect?

with Traditional Real Estate Agents

Commission based compensation: 2,2% (or $18,000 on average in Sydney)

A dedicated real estate agent

Property selling process dependent on agents experience  

Vendor paid advertising ($3,000 – $4,000 extra)

Photography, Floor Plan, Copywriting ($1,000 – $2,000 extra

Auctioneer fee if sold by auction ($600 – $1,200 extra)


with Inreal Property Advisory

A fair fixed fee: $2,500* upfront and $2,500 when sold 

A dedicated real estate agent supported by a team of experts

Property selling process dependent on data intelligence and analytics

Advertising on REA, Domain, Juwai and Facebook (included in price)

Photography, Floor Plan, Copywriting (included in price) 

Auctioneer fee if sold by auction ($800 extra)


*If you want us to manage your open homes and private inspections, we can do it for an extra $2,500 upfront. If you live in the property you’re selling, it makes more sense to show the home yourself. We will explain the benefits and let you make the decision.

What's included


$2,500 upfront & $2,500 when sold

Analytics &
Statistical Modeling



Listing On REA, Domain
and Juwai

Active Advertising

Buyer Management


Settlement Handling



Open Home & Inspection


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"What is BATNA and why is it the most important thing you can learn before selling your home

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