IS your company leaving money on the table?

The average residential development project with 30 units is leaving over $150,000 in profit on the table by overpaying for sales services. Don't make that mistake.

Why would this make sense for your property development firm?

Quite simply because we do everything you would expect from traditional real estate agent for a fraction their fees.

$5,000 per property sold…

However, this is not a discount rate – the back end of our business is just much more efficient than that of a traditional agency.

Why should this matter to you as a business operator?

Because the end result, just like with Uber when it disrupted the taxi monopoly, is:

– Better quality service

– Faster and more convenient

– 3-4x lower fees

Technology empowers our people to work more efficiently and provide better quality service that allows your business to become more profitable.


Let us show you how.

REACH 100% of potential buyers active & passive

We will ensure you reach everyone both active buyers who are looking on realestate.com.au, domain.com.au, juwai.com (Chinese investors) or Google and over 500,000 passive buyers all over Sydney who are not looking for anything in particular, but would buy something that completely fits their needs (through the power of paid interest-based targeted digital media advertising).

On-demand service and consistent follow up

Intelligent chatbots pre-qualify buyers and allow them to get information about your development property on-demand, 24/7

Consistent 12 step follow up sequences are set up over the course of 36 weeks after the inspection to make sure you never miss an opportunity to make a sale.

Your sales agent is dedicated to your stock only and supported by a team to get you results.


Contrary to common belief there is no actual evidence to support a connection between paying high commission fees and achieving maximum price and/or turnover.

Ever since the internet took control over the buyer database, agents simply can not justify charging a commission.

We do everything traditional agents do (and, frankly, more) for a fixed fee of $5,000 per property sold. This could literally mean making millions more for your business over the next few years.

Inreal Property Advisory is a licensed real estate agency in New South Wales (licence no. 20237732). 


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