(if you’re thinking about selling, spending eight minutes to read this during your coffee break may get you an extra $5k, $10k, $20k or even more..)

From Inreal Head Office

Surry Hills, NSW 2010

To homeowners in Sydney,

We just wanted to write a simple letter showing you what is the best repeatable strategy to give you the greatest chance in maximizing the selling price of your property

We can’t guarantee results, but this gives you the best chance to do what many other people have done already to get the most for their property.

And what I can personally guarantee is why this will all make perfect logical sense to you shortly as well..

We’re 100% sure of this, because property is in the Aussie culture and certainly in Sydney, everyone’s super educated about it.

So what happens when more people get informed about the truth? 

Well, frankly, people will be able to spend their hard earned money on themselves and their family, that’s all.

But we think it’s a big deal..

Selling property is stressful enough

We do understand how stressful selling property is. After all, it’s one of the most valuable assets in any person’s life.

Especially in Sydney, property quite often costs millions of dollars and even small mistakes can mean dear consequences. 

But what happens when people get stressed out?

We get emotional.

And then we’re not looking at the facts..

It took each of our property experts more than 20 real estate transactions to fully learn all of the elements to a successful process in Sydney.

What else did we find?There are a lot of moving parts in the process and no one person can be the jack of all trades. 

So we formed a team and divided tasks (each part of the home selling campaign is handled by an expert in their field) to make results better and much more predictable.

There’s just too much on the line.

Now we have data scientists, marketing experts, professional photographers, negotiators and solicitors working hand in hand with your dedicated agent so that the outcome is outstanding and predictable.

But again, you’re the decision maker. Because it has to make sense for you and your family.

Why should this matter to you?

This one’s quite obvious, frankly, just because you can get tens of thousands more for your property.

And if that is not important to you, you should stop reading this letter now.

We don’t want to waste your time, we want to give you time back in the form of a potential holiday in Europe with your family, not having to work as much to cover your mortgage or just setting the extra money aside for your children’s education.

The traditional real estate system will do everything to move you away from the truth, because they’re currently benefiting the most.

And when you find out the truth, all the expensive cars, suits and big egos will have to go away.

So let me explain..

Do you really think homes got harder to sell in the last 20 years?

Because only in the last 20 years commission fees have gone up 500% in Sydney.

How many of your friends had their salary increase five fold?

The argument the real estate conglomerate is basically making now is that 30 hours of their work is worth as much as 770 hours that of the average Sydneysider.

It takes around 2 weeks to get a real estate license..

And experts predict that the median property price will go up from around $900k now to almost $2.5M in 2045 in Sydney.

So the average commission will be about $50k by then.

Does that sound fair to you? 

The secret is very simple

It’s the internet.It disrupts the middle man.

Over time, it forced businesses to become more efficient and deliver better products for lower prices.

It happened with the taxi industry. It happened with buying stocks. And we’re making it happen in real estate..

Now, we’re not saying real estate agents have never deserved commission fees.

The reality is, if you wanted to buy a home before the internet, you had to go to a real estate agent to find out about what property is on the market. 

Ray White, LJ Hooker, Mcgrath and local agents controlled buyer information. 

These networks were hard to build but they actually gave you the best chance to maximize selling price.

Out of 100 people you know, how many of them do you think would go to a real estate agent versus just jumping online to search for property?

Statistically it should be about 3.

The internet (and in Australia, listing portals Domain, Real Estate and Facebook) is now responsible for finding every single buyer for your property and identifying who can pay the most.

What should that be worth to you? Around $1,000. 

But what about being a great salesperson?

That’s the myth agents probably want you to believe the most. 

But let me ask you this:

When you purchased your home, do you think you bought it based on your needs or did the agent sell it to you?

That’s right.

We personally have yet to see an agent convince someone to buy a property they don’t like.

So why shouldn’t you just do it yourself?

You definitely can, especially if you’ve done it before or followed someone do it, it may as well be an option for you.

And if you want professional help..

You want someone you can trust to have your best interest in mind

This is the most important thing, by far.

Unfortunately, commission is actually the worst compensation method for real estate because it actually creates a strong personal agenda.

Here’s what I mean.

It was proven way back in 2005 by Stephen J. Dubner and Steven Levitt in their best selling book “Freakonomics”.

And later approved by independent research in Harvard. And then in the Netherlands. And so on..

So here’s a long story short:

A real estate agent is a profit seeking organization.

But now, not only is the amount of money huge, the only way they profit is if you actually sell your property.

A lot of things can change throughout the campaign and they only have 90 days to make the sale happen.

Which shifts the interest a little bit. It changes the mindset

There’s a lot of pressure, because the average agent in Sydney sells 4-5 properties a year, so closing the deal on your property may have 25% of their early income hanging on the line.

Would you risk 1/4th of your yearly salary to make an extra  thousand dollars in a negotiation?

So how are we able to ensure you will actually get the most for your property?

Selling property is a repeatable step-by-step process.

Our team of experts is there to manage the whole thing for you, but you’re the boss and you make the final decisions. 

  • We will refund our upfront fee if we’re not able to achieve the market value set by our data science team in your home selling strategy report
  • We will refund the upfront fee at any point throughout the campaign if you do not think we’re working hard enough to get you the best price

Here are the main elements of the process we improve to ensure predictable outcomes:

1. Using data science to make educated decisions throughout the home selling campaign

In today’s world, there’s an absolute abundance of data about everything, how we entertain, how shop and how we shower..

And our data science team knows how to use it to our advantage. 

In property, correlation between individual data points of your property and the market is super important.

How can it help us maximize your property price?Here are just a few examples:

  • A 20 year historical analysis shows us that homes on your street have been selling for 20% more than other properties in the suburb (this is called “price pocketing”)

  • The algorithm that our data science team runs weekly shows us the ideal time to open your property is between 2pm to 4pm in based on directly competing homes. This ensures that the highest amount of potential buyers are actually able to show up

  • You receive an offer that is 3% above initial assessment of market value 4 weeks into the campaign, but ongoing analytics show that homes like yours have been selling 5% above market value because of  a sudden drop in supply

2. Reaching all potential buyers for your property (through the internet)

There are two types of buyers – active and passive.

As mentioned before, 97% of people who are actively searching for property are doing so on either realestate.com.au or domain.com.au.

We do have a buyer database just like all agencies, but these same people are still online searching themselves..

And then there’s a small population of people who would buy if they see something that they absolutely love.

They are extremely important. Extremely!Because they’re not investors looking for good deals – they are people who are emotional about improving their life.

And just like everyone else, they’re online. 

The amazing thing about the internet is that if you’re thinking something, you’ll likely to search it on the web. 

And then we’ll know about it and we’ll start showing you ads (it’s likely you were led to this letter because of retargeting).

3. Experts handling all parts of the home selling process

There are a lot of moving parts in the property selling process. 

Can one person really be an expert in all of them?

We didn’t want to take that risk.. And wanted outcomes to actually be repeatable.

Our process is managed by a team of individuals who are experts in their fields (photographers, marketers, data scientists, property experts, solicitors). 

It makes it better and faster.

And your property expert can focus on you and selling your property for the best price!

4. We’ve made it about you  

Our team is compensated on a weekly basis and rewarded with bonuses based on your service reviews.

There’s not much to say about this.

Each deal is not worth 10%, 15% or even 30% of your property experts yearly income – which is a good thing. Stress is followed by irrational decisions, not motivation.

We wanted to eliminate that risk for you..

Without pressure to close the deal, our people can actually adjust to your needs, situation and always look for ways to make it an ideal outcome for you!

5. A penny saved is a penny earned

We mention this every single time we get a chance.

Overhead costs are huge in the real estate industry. And no one cares because the homeowners pay for it.

Fancy cars, expensive suits, high street offices, little to no technology, lack of accountability (and much much more..)

70% of an agents working hours are spent on prospecting for new listings. Because it’s inefficient with doorknocking, cold calling, networking and flyers.

None of these help you get more for your property.

By investing into efficient digital advertising channels we make clients come to us (just like you landed on this page) and increase productivity five times

Just this one improvement alone enables us to work hard for a fee that is fair for everyone.


That’s all you need to pay to expect great quality service and the best price for your property (we have a couple of other options as well).

What To Do Next 

We’ve created a process that helps us identify whether we could be a good fit to help you as well.

Here’s how it works:

1. Fill in the form below and someone from our team will reach out.

2. The call usually takes about 15 minutes. The goal is to answer your questions (and ask you a few more as well).

3. Assuming both of us think we’re a good fit, we will schedule an inspection and begin preparing for the campaign.

If you feel like we might be right for you, fill in the form and click the “Let’s Talk” button and we’ll talk to you soon! 

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