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Is Inreal a real estate agency?

Even though your local agents will tell you otherwise, we’re a full service real estate agency licensed in New South Wales and have real people providing everything you would expect from a traditional real estate agent plus more. We use technology to empower our people to help you make better decisions and maximize the value of your property for a fraction of current agent fees. 

What is the cost?

We always recommend our $5,000 package. This includes everything from marketing expenses to managing buyers and negotiating the best price for you. There are no upfront fees and you only pay when your property is sold.

Open home management is an extra $2,500 paid upfront, but we heavily encourage all of our clients who have the ability to show their home to do it themselves and we do have evidence to show why this should get you a better outcome as well.

If you decide to sell in auction, that will add an extra cost of $800, depending on your area. 

How can you advertise my property well without a database?

We do have a database of every buyer that came through our open homes and we use it intelligently, we just don’t emphasize it as much as traditional agents do, because it’s not a big deal. No matter how many times you were told about the importance of an internal agency database of “active buyers”, they are almost completely irrelevant. It is because all of these “active buyer databases” are the same people that have found a property online and registered to attend an open home. Furthermore, none of these “active buyers” will ever call the agent to tell them they have already purchased. 

Therefore, if someone is looking to buy a property in your area, they will likely have their details on all local agency databases, but the same people are also on realestate.com.au or domain.com.au.

How can you provide a high quality service for such a low fee?

This one is hard to explain to anyone who has not worked as a real estate agent. To sell a property as an agent there are two parts to the process. First you have to find a vendor (you) who trusts the agent to sell their home and second, well, the agent has to sell it. The selling part is actually the easier of the two and usually requires between 20 and 40 hours of dedicated effort whereas finding the listing can take anywhere between 70 to 130 hours. 

We have discovered a way to more efficiently get listings and we only charge you for the effort we put into selling your individual property, not finding it.

How managing my open home myself is better for me?

Contrary to popular belief, homes are not sold, they are bought. There is next to nothing a real estate agent can do to convince a buyer to buy a home they don’t like. Therefore an open home is a time intensive process that does not require any special skills, you just need to let potential buyers see the product. They will make a decision later and we will follow up notoriously to make sure every offer is presented.

Will my local agent be more motivated to get me the best price?

Agents will often guarantee you they will work harder than anyone else in the world to get you the best price because of their will to succeed, impeccable negotiations skills, motivation to work harder etc. All of the former are not facts, they’re promises and commission, at least according to research and actual studies, motivates agents to sell the home quicker, not for more money – $20,000 extra for your property is only $200 extra to tens of thousands they’re already getting.

How much will I have to do myself?

Not much. We want you to be educated about the process and involved in decision making, but we will take care of everything for you, from start to finish. 

And, after we give you the facts, if you still think you want us to, we’ll take care of managing your open homes as well.

How are you different from traditional real estate agents?

We don’t charge fees that were invented in the 19th century. We don’t use traditional prospecting practices such as door knocking, cold calling or hunting buyers who will potentially be sellers in open homes. Our processes are more efficient, we don’t drive around in expensive cars or lease high street office space. Other than that, our agents use the same proven process to sell property and we use a spice of technology to help you make better decisions throughout the campaign.

Inreal Property Advisory is a licensed real estate agency in New South Wales (licence no. 20237732). 


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