Our process is about you, here's how it works:

Let's be honest, no agent reinvents the wheel every single time they sell a property. This is because selling property is a repeatable step by step process. It has to be adjusted to your individual property and situation, but there is a blueprint that has proven to work over hundreds of years.

At Inreal, we don't change what works. We just reduce the unnecessary overheads, make the process more efficient and pass on the saving to our clients.

Traditional agents will always promise you that they will try harder and get you more, but never have any statistical proof. What we suggest is for you to ask them to show you their process, simply compare it to ours side by side and make an educated decision for yourself and your family.

1. Strategic campaign and pricing analysis

Our data science team analyzes hundreds of data points about your property, its direct competition and historical sales to create the best strategy for maximizing the selling price of your property.

The strategy is always based on factual evidence so that we can empower you to make better decisions for yourself and your family by having full confidence in the transparency of our process.

2. Upgrade and repair analysis

Our analysis shows that, in some cases, upgrades and repairs can have a significant impact on how quickly and for how much your property is sold.

Each option is evaluated and presented to you, however not all properties need an upgrade nor all owners have the means to do it.

3. Preparation for sale

We get together with you to have a strategy session and make decisions on the campaign. We'll present all the facts and explain what they mean to make sure you are as informed as possible.

The property is also prepared for photography - cleaned, decluttered, styled or upgraded depending on our strategy.

4. Professional photography

The online presentation of your property has to be flawless because it is how people make decisions on prioritizing their inspection schedule. Our photographer will make amazing high definition photos from all the right angles to showcase your property in the best way possible and attract potential buyers.

Traditional agents will always recommend video but in reality it's an unnecessary $1000 expense and will help the agent more than the sales campaign. Effective advertising means cutting out all the noise and focusing on the stuff that works.

5. Property Goes Live

The property is listed online on the two major portals responsible for 95% of real estate searches in Australia - realestate.com.au and domain.com.au - as well as other portals that have relevant traffic. In select cases, to cater to the Chinese investor market, we list your property on Juwai.com which the biggest foreign investment portal in China with professional translation.

Active advertising is a big part of what we do at Inreal - we utilize machine learning technology and digital media advertising to help you reach 50,000 to 100,000 passive buyers and out-of-area buyers beyond property portals.

6. Intelligent scheduling

We set Saturday & Sunday open home times on Thursday of every week. Our data science team looks at directly competing properties to work out times that are strategically best to open your home.

This will help us attract more buyers to inspections and give them more time which will potentially help sell your home faster while still achieving a premium price.

7. Buyers inquire and register for inspection

We take care of collecting buyer details and handling their inquiries prior to inspections and follow up after them.

Our database is a powerful tool that allows us to use data intelligence in analyzing the communication with buyers to get more accurate buying signals and negotiation insights.

8. Buyers inspect the property

Someone needs to be there to open the door and let buyers in. At the end of the day, it is your choice if you want us to do it for an extra fee or do it yourself. However, there is a strong argument why doing it yourself can help us sell faster and for more money.

The job of an agent in 2019 is to make sure that your property is exposed to as many potential buyers as possible through the internet and negotiate the best price for you, not opening the door and showing where the kitchen is.

9. Buyer follow up

This is crucial to the campaign. If we want to maximize the selling price of your property, we need to communicate with buyers and make sure we know what is the feedback of the market.

Our intelligent follow up sequences ensure your property is on top of buyers minds during their purchasing cycle while tracking technology ensures we identify buying signals and capitalize on them in negotiations.

10. Weekly reporting

Data at Inreal is used to optimize the performance of your campaign and allows us to ensure that we're doing everything to maximize the selling price of your property.

It is important to understand the meaning behind data and to remain flexible in making decisions within the campaign. Our data science team prepares reports for you to discuss with your Inreal agent and stay informed on a weekly basis.

11. Offer submitted or Auction

Selling strategy is different with Private Treaty and Auction where we either have a set date for selling or we don't.

Each property is unique and each seller has their own circumstance. We build a bespoke selling strategy based on your individual situation. In most cases, however, it's best to start with a Private Treaty and go to Auction only if there's enough buyer activity.

12. Negotiation

The negotiation process is handled by your Inreal agent on your behalf from start to finish with your best interest in mind.

Your dedicated agent and their team prepares a negotiation strategy for each offer individually by using our database insights tool to ensure a higher likelihood of a better result.

13. Offer accepted

Once we make sure everything was done to maximize the selling price of your property and you are happy to accept the buyers' offer, we prepare the documentation to ink the deal.

This is a step to finalize the sale of our property and ensure all terms are put on paper.

14. Settlement

Settlement documentation is handled by solicitors that represent you and the buyer. The standard settlement period in New South Wales is six weeks after the Contract of Sale is signed but is subject to negotiation.

Sometimes buyers want to move in very soon with a cash offer and in other cases work with banks and fall within their timelines.

Inreal Property Advisory is a licensed real estate agency in New South Wales (licence no. 20237732). 


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This is an online valuation and with the abundance of data available online it does not require a visit to your property.

However, this is not an automatically generated valuation therefore please allow 2 business days for our data science team to conduct the analysis.

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