Three improvements to instantly increase the value of your property on a tight budget

Selling your property can be an emotional roller coaster. But, buyers are basing their decisions on emotion most of the time as well. In fact, the only potential buyers that look at the numbers and don’t let emotions get in the way of their decisions will be investors. However, investors, whether they’re buying to renovate and flip or for long term rental income and capital growth, will look to buy your property for less than market value. Therefore you should welcome the fact that the majority of potential buyers will be emotional and take advantage of that.

Here are three easy ways to play into the emotions of buyers and have a better chance of getting more for your property:



The cheapest way to increase your chances of achieving a better selling price is making your property look bigger than it actually is. You see, when people are buying real estate they’re buying space and two same size homes can look and feel very different depending on how much stuff is inside

Oversized sofas and tables can be very convenient for having a lot of friends over but shrink the size of your living area. Because of that any large objects, even if they’re convenient or have a special meaning to you, simply have to be removed. Make sure to leave only the necessary items that fit the lifestyle of your potential buyers, but always be thinking about how can you create more space visually. 



Furthermore, creating open and uncluttered living spaces will also allow potential buyers to visualize their own furniture and style which will only help your chances of selling faster and for more money.



Updating the kitchen and bathroom(s) is a guaranteed way to give you a great return on your time and investment. Now, you can definitely spend a lot of money when renovating these two core areas of a home, but there’s also a super cheap way to transform both.

Using the power of paint.

There’s no better way to get an instant makeover than with a perfectly applied coat of paint. You see, paint can cover a whole lot – from dated timber panelling, washed off tiles or discoloured baths and basins. You just need to make sure you get the specialist paint required for the task.

Repainting the main features of your kitchen and bathroom will create a fresh new feel and will without a doubt increase the selling price and likely reduce the days on market your property takes to sell. Just take a look at this kitchen transformation that cost just over $900.



BONUS TIP: for both the kitchen and the bathroom (and, honestly, the rest of your property), changing handles is one easy fix everyone can do – just use a screwdriver and replace the old handles with new ones – it will cost you $5 a piece and return a whole lot more.



Just as with decluttering, the goal of landscaping is to create a great first impression and visually increase the size of your property. Moreover, a tidy and well kept front and back yards will psychologically make buyers feel that the property was looked after which will increase the perceived value of your home as well.

Cutting the grass and trimming the bushes is simply a must that does not cost anything apart from your time. The reduction of overgrown landscaping will transform a seemingly unusable yard making it a practical, usable space that is visually striking (in the example below, both are visually striking, but which one would you rather list for sale?). The landscape of your property will be the first thing potential buyers see and like with anything in life, we want to create a great and lasting first impression when it comes to selling property.



To sum up, renovating and upgrading is the one thing that will always guarantee you a return on your investment when selling your property. In situations where you can invest more into upgrading it is advisable to do so, but it really does not have to cost you a fortune to extract just a little extra bang for your buck.

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